Through Miraculous Victories of Israel, host Jeff Futers invites viewers on an exciting journey of discovery as he explores some of the most phenomenal victories in both the ancient and more recent history of Israel. And as he walks through modern Israel—still surrounded by enemies today—Jeff hears from experts and opens his Bible to help answer the pervading questions: Why was God so faithful to Israel-of-old? Is He faithful to Israel today? Will He be faithful tomorrow? And what does God’s continued faithfulness to Israel mean for Christians today?


  • After the exodus and wilderness wandering, only one city stands between Israel and the Promised Land: The City of Jericho.
  • Learn about God’s unique instructions to Israel for conquering Jericho.
  • Relive the marching processions and victory sounds which miraculously flatten her walls.
  • Discover what modern archaeology reveals about Israel’s conquest of the Promised Land.
  • See God, intervening for His people, as they conquer ancient Canaan – a land of giants and fortified, powerful cities?
  • Understand why was this Land so vital that God would assure Israel’s victory over it?
  • Now settled in the Promised Land under the leadership of King Saul, Israel finds her very existence threatened by a terrifying foe.
  • Recall how a young Israelite shepherd boy confronts and defeats the fierce Philistine giant, Goliath.
  • Hear what historians and archaeologists have to say about this dramatic narrative.
  • Understand how this miraculous victory affects David’s future and God’s plan of Salvation for the world.
  • Listen as Pastor Jeff expounds upon the Bible’s ‘David vs. Goliath’ narrative while standing right where it happened.
  • Discover anew that nothing is impossible when the Lord of Hosts—the God of the armies of Israel—fights for His people.
  • When the ruthless King Sennacherib and his armies threaten to invade Jerusalem, King Hezekiah does all that he can to prevent the destruction of God’s Holy City.
  • Remember that despite Hezekiah’s strategies to divert water away from the enemy’s camp and into Jerusalem, fortify the walls and pay tribute to Sennacherib, the Assyrian army besieges Jerusalem anyhow.
  • Hear the taunts from the Assyrians that Jerusalem’s God cannot save her from the hand of Sennacherib.
  • Envision righteous King Hezekiah crying out to God for help and hear the Prophet Isaiah’s assurance that Divine assistance is coming.
  • Explore this miraculous Bible story through the archaeological remains that bring it to life through the archaeological signatures they left behind.
  • Discover why God is so concerned with Jerusalem’s affairs and why, in this case, He would utterly defeat the powerful armies of Assyria on Jerusalem’s behalf.
  • The most significant victory in human history: Jesus’ victory over sin and death.
  • From Israel the greatest Champion to more than 2 billion people in the world today—Jesus Christ—emerged.
  • Here His earliest followers considered Him to be Israel’s long-awaited Messiah, the fulfillment of ancient, Bible prophecies.
  • Get a glimpse of Jesus as He really was: a devout Jewish Rabbi inseparable from the Land of Israel and Israel’s God.
  • Why was the ‘Saviour of the World’ born to the nation of Israel?
  • Why did he have to die in Jerusalem?
  • Why was he raised from the dead?
  • Is there any archaeological evidence to prove that Jesus ever lived, was crucified and rose again?
  • Hear what scholars, archaeologists and theologians have to say about the significance of Jesus life, death and resurrection.
  • In 70 AD, the Jewish people are uprooted from the Promised Land and dispersed across the globe for almost 2000 years.
  • Scattered, landless and vulnerable to growing anti-Semitism, The Promised Land becomes a distant dream for the Jewish people.
  • Has the God of Israel rejected Israel?
  • See the miracle, after 2000 years the nation of Israel is reborn in the Promised Land and the army of Israel is resurrected.
  • Wonder how a tiny, traumatized Jewish State can defend itself against a sea of Arab armies determined to annihilate it.
  • Hear of the many extraordinary victories since Israel’s miraculous resurrection.
  • Learn how her resurrection and modern victories reveal God’s faithfulness to His Word and hope for the entire human race.
  • Today, Israel remains threatened by enemies that refuse to acknowledge her right to exist; enemies that far outnumber her and are determined to completely destroy her.
  • ‘Peace’ seems further out of reach than ever before.
  • Will God show Himself faithful to Israel and win yet another victory for His people?
  • And as Christians, what is our place in Israel’s modern battles?
  • Hear the Divine and ever-relevant call from the prophets of the Bible—a call to take our place as Jerusalem’s ‘watchmen’ and to participate in yet another miraculous victory in Israel: when God’s hand transforms Jerusalem into the “praise in all the earth” He intends her to be.
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