Miraculous Victories of Israel—Digital Downloads—Episodes 1 to 6


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What happens when the God of Israel intervenes in the battles of His people? Miraculous victories occur – victories that are sometimes inexplicable and often unbelievable. We read in the Bible that God often provided Divine assistance for ancient Israel in times of war, but is there archaeological evidence to support these claims? What do scholars, archaeologists and theologians have to say about some of these battles? And if God did miraculously assist the Israelites-of-old, is there any proof that God still causes Israel to triumph over her enemies in modern times?

Through Miraculous Victories of Israel, Pastor Jeff Futers invites viewers on an exciting journey of discovery as he explores some of the most phenomenal victories in both the ancient and more recent history of Israel. And as he walks through modern Israel – still surrounded by enemies today – Jeff opens his Bible to help answer the pervading questions: Why was God so faithful to Israel-of-old? Is He faithful to Israel today? Will He be faithful tomorrow? And what does God’s continued faithfulness to Israel mean for Christians today?

Video Length of Episode 1 – 54:34
Video Length of Episode 2 – 57:57
Video Length of Episode 3 – 58:08
Video Length of Episode 4 – 54:38
Video Length of Episode 5 – 58:49
Video Length of Episode 6 – 59:16