Turning Hearts Since 1985

In 1985 First Century Foundations was birthed out of prayer and a burning desire to bless the land and people of Israel through the love of God. Since then, the organization has grown to include teaching believers about the Hebraic roots of Christianity, expanding this message to digital media and reaching out to those who do not yet know Christ. In 2020, the vision was enlarged again and First Century Foundations USA was launched to bring the same challenge for prayer and blessing the land and people of Israel to partners in the United States.

He will not forget your work and the love you have shown him as you have helped his people and continue to help them.
Hebrews 6:10


Jeff Futers is an itinerant teacher and ministers who travel across Canada, teaching Christians about the importance of the Hebraic roots of Christianity and the importance of standing with Israel in prayer. Part of our vision is to help people understand the words and deeds of Jesus and to apply them to their daily lives. Our desire is to help believers understand the full meaning of Jesus’ words by evaluating and understanding them from a first century Jewish perspective. First Century Foundations provides resources available to purchase on the website based on those teachings. We also run a prayer network to uphold Israel and believers in the nation who are doing good works.


At the core of First Century Foundations is our humanitarian aid in the land of Israel. We believe in demonstrating the love of God through practical and humanitarian efforts. We support over 70 ministries in Israel who are reaching out to their communities through services such as food and clothing distribution, support for single mothers and help for Holocaust survivors. These ministries provide to a range of nationalities including refugees and immigrants from Sudan, Russia and neighbouring Arab countries. Often people find Christ through the works of these ministries. 90% of First Century Foundations’ designated donations go towards supporting the needy in Israel.


Since 1985, First Century Foundations has been taking people from all parts of the world to the land of Israel. Our tours aim to show people the rich history and culture that Israel has to offer. The places we visit include Jerusalem, the Sea of Galilee, the Jordan River, and many other well-known historical and biblical locations. Each year we aim to bring believers to Israel to connect them to the Land of Israel and to the people and the ministries in Israel.

This connection to the Land and People also comes through our television program First Century Foundations, where you’ll learn about the archaeological background and Biblical teachings on site and then showing you testimonies from the local ministries that First Century Foundations support.

35Years of Ministry to Israel
5694Projects Accomplished
70Ministries in Israel
90Percent of Designated Gifts GO to Israel


Our History

In 1978, Clyde Williamson heard from the Lord to ‘pray for the peace of Jerusalem’ according to Psalm 122:6. Two years later Clyde and his family visited Israel for the first time. This only strengthened Clyde’s passion for the nation, and in 1983 he proclaimed a word-wide Esther Fast – praying for the release, return, restoration and revival of Israel.

In 1985, Clyde and Marion stepped out in faith to start their ministry on behalf of Israel. The ministry transformed into not only praying for Israel but also providing support and humanitarian aid to ministries on the front line in the nation.

Since this time, First Century Foundations has had regular correspondence with over 70 ministries in Israel. The bi-monthly Israel Prayer Watch (IPW) brochure is now utilized in small prayer groups across Canada.

In 2002, Joe Amaral joined First Century Foundations with a passion to teach others on the Hebraic Roots of Jesus and show people the land by leading annual tours. In 2016, Joe moved on to launch into itinerant ministry and we welcomed the directorship of Jeff Futers as of September 2016. Thank you for your prayers and support.

Meet our Fabulous Team!


Jeff Futers

Executive Director

A pastor for 30 years and Executive Director of FCF since 2016, Jeff travels extensively, visiting ministries in Israel and speaking at churches and events in North America. Author of the book “Praying for the Peace of Jerusalem”, he is also host of the television show “First Century Foundations.”


Clyde Williamson


Since 1968, Clyde has been a minister with the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada. He began ministry to Israel in 1985 that now reaches out to over 70 different ministries in Israel with prayer and financial support. He recently retired at the end of 2020.


Marion Williamson

Office & Donations Manager

Marion has worked with Clyde since the inception of the ministry and is a vital part of First Century Foundations. She is the one who handles all your donations and then forwards them to all the ministries in Israel.


Sharon Futers

Ministry Programs Director

Sharon has served in ministry with her husband Jeff Futers since the beginning. She assists the Executive Director and also manages all of First Century Foundations' ministry programming and events.


Karen Amaral

Communications Director

Along with her husband Joe Amaral, Karen co-hosted the television program First Century Foundations until 2016. She also assists in the office and manages our website and publications that go out bi-monthly.


Laura Delegarde

Director of Media Production & Research

Laura has written and produced TV shows and documentaries that relate to Israel and the Jewish roots of Christianity. As a writer, producer and musician, she applies all her education and experience to increasing a biblical and truthful perspective of Israel in the world.