• As there will be a limit of 200 characters…
    • TYPE IN ALL OF YOUR REQUESTS SEPARATED BY A PERIOD OR A BULLET (although not a bulleted list) AND DO NOT HIT ‘RETURN’ or ‘ENTER’ UNTIL YOU ARE DONE! Keying ‘Return’ or ‘Enter’ automatically submits your requests.
    • Leave out the words “Pray for” as this is the preface to each prayer request and is not required. Enter the wording that would come after the words “Pray for …”.
    • Keep your prayer requests short and to the point. This will help more words to fit.
    • Don’t include extra unnecessary words. For example: Replace wording like “Pray for the congregation to grow in …” (as people already know the name of the ministry they are praying for) with wording like “Us to grow in …” (14 characters as opposed to 37).
    • Please do not include a numbered list as this wastes valuable characters on numbering that won’t be used in the publication.
  • When including a name you’d like prayer for, please use quotations around an initial instead of the person’s name as we keep names of people private. For example: if you want us to pray for Mirielle please use “M” instead.
  • Please keep in mind, we collect your prayer requests a month before the publication is sent. For example: We collect all the prayer requests for February and March in January. If you’d like us to pray for something during February or March like an event, please feel free to include that. If an event will be over by the time the publication is sent, please don’t include it.
  • Feel free to use the similar formatting of the IPW. Each prayer request is capitalized and then separated by a ” • ” symbol (the easiest way to get this symbol is with Alt + 8 or Option + 8 on a Mac) with a period at the very end (not after each request).