We would love to see and meet you at one of our events. You can visit the links on this page for more information about Jeff and Clyde’s speaking itineraries. Our events are open to everyone (unless otherwise stated) and are free to attend (unless otherwise stated). If you are a pastor or a conference or event planner and would be interested in having Jeff or Clyde come to speak at your congregation, conference or event, please fill out the form at the right, including your preferred date and someone from our office will get back to ASAP.


Bless Israel Gatherings are held on a yearly basis in most provinces of Canada. This is a time where believers gather together to learn about what has been happening in the ministries in Israel and hear how your donations have been able to help those ministries. The schedule usually includes a time of teaching, a time of prayer for Israel, and a time of update on the ministries in Israel.

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